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Organic Kale Powder

Organic Kale Grass Powder

All the organic kale grass powder are made of fresh organic kale grass leaves ,which was processed into different mash powder by dehydration machine at low temperature ,the pneumatic cracker and many other advanced things.Its outlook is green powder and it has sweet and herbaceous taste.

Organic kale powder is a kind of loose green powder. The ingredients are from the tender oat leaves which are planted in certified organic planting base. Strictly obey international organic standards, the processes we employ are cutting segments, nine-time-cleaning, low temperature drying, airflow smashing at low temperature , grading machine, metal detector and twelve magnetic device which is to get rid of foreign bodies. It is green powder, and organic. The organic kale has lots of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2 and many kinds of minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium,  what’s more, it also contains chlorophyll, γ-aminobutyricacid, folic acid and so on. Our company can also make different packing specifications depending on requirements of customers. General packing specification : 10 kg / bag * 2 / carton or 25 kg / drum.

The kale is a kind of variantion of crucifera kale brassiaca, just like wild Brassica oleracea, it is a biennial herb. Its scientific name is Brassica Oleracea var acephala. It is a kind of product with rich nutrition and high nutritional value.

The characteristic of organic kale powder:
1.All the materials we use are organic kale, without adding any additives and preservative.
2. All the materials we use are planted in our own organic planting base ,and we do not use any fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals, which can ensure the safety quality of our products.
3.From the planting, harvesting and processing, this product has its own sound operating specifications and traceability systems, so as to ensure the safety and traceability of our products.
4.The products have passed the European Union “EEC”, the United States “NOP”(ECOCERT AS F-32600 certification), Japan “JAS” organic food certification ,China “OCD” organic food certification, and KOSHER certification, up to now, it has draw the attention of the discerning people.

All of those can ensure the naturality and high quality of our products.

The nutritional function of organic kale powder:
The organic kale has lots of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2 and many kinds of minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium.