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Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder

Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder

Young alfalfa juice green powder: can be used as high quality protein additive, functional additive, coloring agent for flour products, milk products and ices creams, also as fillings in pharmaceutical industries

Organic alfalfa grass powder is a kind of loose green powder. The ingredients are from the tender alfalfa leaves which are planted in certified organic planting base. Strictly obey international organic standards, the processes we employ are cutting segments, nine-time-cleaning, low temperature drying, airflow smashing at low temperature , grading machine, metal detector and twelve magnetic device which is to get rid of foreign bodies, then get the loose green powder. Long time ago, people has the habit of eating the alfalfa(AL-FAL-FA, means the father of all the foods). It is rich in protein, carbohydrate, carotene, VC, VK, VB, calcium, phosphorus, iron and many other nutritional compositions. It can be use as both vegetable or food. If process the alfalfa into healthy food by modern technique, it will has wide prospect. Our company can also make different packing specifications according to requirements of customers. General packing specification: 10 kg / bag * 2 / carton or 25 kg / drum.

 Fiber %
 Ash %
 Calcium % Phosphorus % Chlorophyll % Carotene %Lutein%Micro
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The contain of organic alfalfa grass powder:17 amino acids needed by human body; balance human body nutrition; substitute milk in adding nutrition to the body. 
Usage and development:
Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder:can serves as nutritive additives for flour, milk powder and beverage to prepare foodstuffs of different flavor.
Organic alfalfa honey drink:soluble convenient beverage, tastes fine and smooth, with the fresh fragrance of young alfalfa leaves. Can be taken directly as beverage, or put in small packages for carrying and drinking.