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Organic Buckwheat Grass Powder

Organic Buckwheat Grass Powder

The young buckwheat leaves contain lots of nutriments and microelements, especially the flavone chemical compounds rutin, which is rarely contained in other plants, has marked effects on preventing and curing the modern killer disease-----diabetes. The young buckwheat leaves is a rare natural material resource for nutrient, healthcare and immunity products.

Organic buckwheat grass powder is a kind of loose green powder. The ingredients are from the tender buckwheat leaves which are planted in certified organic planting base. Strictly obey international organic standards, the processes we employ are cutting segments, nine-time-cleaning, low temperature drying, airflow smashing at low temperature , grading machine, metal detector and twelve magnetic device which is to get rid of foreign bodies. Buckwheat grass is rich in flavonoid compound rutin, SOD enzyme, microelements, cellulose, amino acids and so on. In addition, buckwheat grass contains linoleic acid , buckwheat sugar alcohol, and quercetin. Our company can also make the different packing specification depending on requirements of customers. General packing specification : 10 kg / bag * 2 / carton or 25 kg / drum.
Buckwheat, belonging to Fagopyrum esculentum Moench, is a kind of rare material for health food. Mr. Hu Zhongyi, our senior engineer, found young buckwheat leaves contained abundant nutrients, flavone and rutin chemical compounds which is rarely contained in other plants after his deep research from thousands of selected plants by leading the developing department. The products were put into mass production in June, 2003; and gained the national invention patent for sole produce on August 5, 2005. (The patent No. ZL 03 1 09613.1, named as a preparation technology of young buckwheat leaves powder). The products have been paid attention by the wise people. The products have been processed into agent, capsule, troche, young plant honey drink which is convenient and delicious for drinking, also health food and products for high blood fat, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. The Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder will do its internal contribution to human’s health.
Introduction of young buckwheat resources and quality:
China is one of the main planting regions for buckwheat, and also an origin center of buckwheat in the world. The buckwheat typically has two varieties, which are bitter buckwheat (concentrated in China) and sweet buckwheat. We get the seeds from the 2000m high mountain, and then we plant them and breed by ourselves in our 6000units organic farm, which absolutely free from fertilizer and insecticide. The high quality of the product is hard to reach for common products. The product has gained the JAS certificate in Japan, the EEC certificate in Europe and NOP certificate in USA.

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As to the nutrient ingredients and effects you can see the enclosing tables.
Organic buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) belongs to the catalog dicotyledonous polygonaceae. It has four kinds: buckwheat, sweet buckwheat, golden buckwheat, dentate wings wild buckwheat. China has two kinds: common buckwheat and sweet buckwheat. (Buckwheat is unique in China).
The nutritional facts and functions of buckwheat grass powder is in the chart 1 and chart 2:
Young Buckwheat Leaves nutritional facts(mg/100g):

 Ingredient Flavone lLinoleic acid Buckwheat
sugar alcohol
 Fiber quercetin SODIu/100gSeMgCr3+
 Content 3180 31000 4.9 23562 1542.0*1040.0813300.0075

Ingredients and FunctionsReferences for development and application of young buckwheat leaves powder series
1. Packed into bottles, vessels or small bags in the shape of tablets, grains or capsules. Also fabricated into edible green juice, etc.
2. Fabricated into young buckwheat leaves honey drink (solid grains) with oligosaccharide, etc, which are both delicious and nourishing, and a portable and tasty healthcare drink.
3. Able to be made into buckwheat leaves cosmetics with buckwheat leaves extracts, e.g. buckwheat leaves hair tonic, buckwheat leaves bubble bath and buckwheat leaves cream resistant to radiation, etc.
4. The major ingredient of buckwheat leaves is the flavones (rutin) mainly composed of quercetin.