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Organic Balsam Pear Powder

Organic Balsam Pear Powder

Organic balsam pear powder is a kind of loose yellow powder. The ingredients are from the tender balsam pear which are planted in certified organic planting base.

Scientific name: Momordica charantiap, Balsam pear for the Cucurbitaceae, spindle, a tumor-like uplift, the color is orange when it is ripe, bitter, The pulp is bright red and sweet. Properties: bitter cold. Belong to the spleen, stomach, heart, liver channels.

The effects of balsam pear powder:
The losing weight and sliming body, the clearing heat and detoxication, reduces the blood sugar, the adjustment blood fats and so on special function, Raises the liver clear vision, invigorates the kidney the strong waist, relieves internal heat and gladdens the heart, relieves thirst and eliminates the worry. The adjustment of the blood fats, the blood pressure, the blood sugar,  and  prevent the arteriosclerosis.

Modern research:
The balsam pear contains balsam pear, 5- hydroxyl tryptamines and the glutamic acid, the  alanine   the proline, the Y- aminobutyric acid , the citrulline, the galacturonic , the pectin, carbohydrate, the micro fat, the protein, the calcium, the phosphorus, iron, the renieratene , Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and so on. There are many biological activity ingredients adjusting blood sugar, enzyme activity, anti-tumor and anti-virus.  at present the scientist already deputed the ingredient which have confirmed are the balsam pear agglutinin, the elaterin, the ribosome deactivation protein, Po melon-glycoside, the carrot, the sterol, the MAP 30 proteins, the P proteins.

I.  Slim:
It contains 0.4% a kind of special effect ingredient of slim in a balsam pear. So called High energy clear fat element is honored as “the fat killer” ,It can reduce about 40%-60%  ingestion of  the fat and the polysaccharide. The experiment confirmed that if a person takes a milligram this ingredient every day, he may prevent 100 gram about the fat absorptions, also the waist will thinner 2 millimeters.  The pharmacology research confirmed that the high energy clear fat element does not enter the human body blood, only affects small intestine —the fat absorption organ of human body.  Because it important spot – -through change intestines cell mesh, to prevent absorption of fat, polysaccharide etc. Thus accelerates in vivo small member nutrition the absorption. It does not participate in the human body metabolism, so It does not have any poisonous side effect on human body.

II. Falls the fat, Falls the sugar:
The balsam pear includes the active principle “the plant insulin”, namely the balsam pear glucoside. It can reduce the blood sugar steadily and safely. The most important is to improve function of Island of langerhans gland, and to repair the B cell. It also has the distinct improvement function to the complication, simultaneously it has the function of adjustment blood fats and reduce the blood pressure. It can also make the insulin cell activeness to strengthen, own adjustment blood sugar ability enhancement, acceleration blood sugar oxidation, conforms to the human body metabolism natural law.  The balsam pear also has the reputation of ” the plant insulin ” 。It can prevent and improve diabetes’ complication, has the adjustment blood fats and enhances the immunity the function.

III  The others:  
Another function is to clear heat and eliminate botheration, raises the liver clear vision, profit body and make sex ability better, usually eats the balsam pear to be possible clear poisonous, falls the fire.

The attention: It is the best effect of losing weight by eating uncooked balsam pear.  If you really cannot bear that kind of bitter taste, you may use balsam pear powder instead.

Above all, the balsam pear may both fall the blood sugar and anti-tumor anti-virus. It is a kind of vegetable with medical purposes and edible. Long-term edible of it will benefit to the diabetic, the tumor patient and the weaklings. Strongly suggest everybody eat this kind of vegetables frequently.

Balsam pear powder usage:
Edible, makes the facial mask, eat directly, adds the lukewarm water and the honey to flush drinks.

The balsam pear powder is suitable for these staff:

  1. High blood sugar, easy fatigue, leaves the sweating.
  2. Body weight exceeding the allowed figure, the diet is excessively greasy or often has the fast- food.
  3. Heat related illness – fever, influenza, the disease, eye hurt swell
  4. Has the heat eye disease and spleen weakness
  5. Suffering from diabetes, high blood fat, hypertension, high cholesterol

Balsam pear powder use attention:
The weaker of spleen and stomach cold not suitable raw food, the food makes the person vomiting and diarrhea abdominal pain. The pregnant woman is not suitable.