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Work flow

Flowchart of plants extracts

  • Organic planting
  • Raw material (fresh leaves)
  • Sorting out miscellaneous
  • Cutting into segments
  • Cleaning
  • Centrifugal dehydration
  • Beat and get the juice
  • Filtering
  • Mix the material
  • Spray drying
  • Sterilization
  • Metal detecting
  • Packing
  • Finished products storage after inspection

Main points introduction:
Organic planting:
The planting base—-6000 hectares of international organic certification, which locates in North China Plain, has unique geographical and climatic conditions and has been improved through three years organic conversion, is good for the growing of grass leaves. We got the organic food material production certification, organic food processing certification and organic food trade certification from National environmental protection administration in 1997-1998. Now we plant and produce according to the organic standard. Not only that, we acquired JAS in Japan in 2003, Kosher certification in 2008, Halal certification in 2013. Our planting base is out of the environmental pollution, we mainly do better in the improvement on soil, water, fertilizer, and seeds. We use deep groundwater so that the water quality is up to the organic requirements of standards. The fertilizer is organic, we do not use any other chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and the seeds are the imported ones. The planting time effectively avoid “four period”(rainy period, weed growing period, pests breeding period and other farm crops on pesticide use); as for the planting techniques, that is seedling to ventilation, light transmission security lighting.
Raw Material:
We harvest the grass when it has the highest nutritional facts, the harvest standard of juice powder is below 9cm leaves, 28 days light, do not exceed 30 days, the harvest standard is according to the contain of Chlorophyll, wheat straw, and cellulose.
Sorting out miscellaneous :
We use manual working to select the impurities and foreign bodies.
Cutting into segments
Cut the material according to the production requires.
The material must be cleaned for nine times, i.e. machine turning claws cleaning with flowing water(2 times); elevating cleaning(2 times); machine turning claws cleaning(2 times);high pressure cleaning;blanching; cooling cleaning.
Centrifugal dehydration:
After being pressed, the hosting time of the material will be much shorter, so as to make the lose of the nutrition lower and get rid of the free water in the material.
Beat to get the juice:
Beat and press the material so that the juice can go out of it, and we get the juice we want.
Spray drying:
Let the juice go into the spray-drying tower, control the time and temperature well, then get the juice powder.
Sterilization is a kind of secret technique, we can reach the strictest standard of Japanese standard, and have achieved new break through.
Metal Detecting:
12 magnetic separation device and the metal detector can fit each other effectively, to remove the metal in the product process, we can achieve the quality assurance: one hundred tons of products can not appear ≥0.5mm foreign bodies.
Use the aluminum foil bag package, vacuum filling with nitrogen, so as to guarantee the stability of the products quanlity.