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Organic Scholartree Fruits Extracts
The Chinese Scholartree is made of the Sophorae Japonica L, made through technical method, it is a kind of pure natural instant healthy food, it looks and smells like coffee but without any coffine, it has the function of Clearing heat and cooling blood, and is good for the catharsis. It is not only fitable to the Hemorrhoids and Fistula groups, but also suitable for the constipation groups. It is rich of many nutritions, such as protein, flavone, triterpenoid saponin, Genistein, quercetin, linoleic acid and so on.
The characteristics of the product are as follows :
1.The advanced process technology keeps the natural flavor and the functional ingredients.
2.High solubility, not matter in cold water or hot water, there is no sediment.
3.After soluted in the water, the color is similar to coffee.
4.convenient transportation,Store at room temperature, need not use refrigeration.
We Suggested that you may exploit various kinds of health product which mixed with extraction of Zhong Huai according to the needs of the people in different region (eg. Quanlity, color, function, taste, smell and so on):
1. Exploiting a kind of health milk powder or cola beverage (for example, coffee or cola), Thus the product can't only moisturize the intestines to relax the bowels but also retain the original flavor .
2. Exploiting high energy and rich nutritious products-sports type. Such as beverage, chocolate, coca powder and so on.
3. Directly manufactured into capsules, granules etc. The most reasonable choice is exploit into a kind of tea, add some Zhong Huai Extracts in the tea, so that the tea can not only contain its own character, but also increased healthy functions with low cost, it is a kind of product that fit into the international and domestic market development trends.
4. Different flavors in different regions. We should produce different health product. ( for example, the residents in Southeast Asia prefer to sweet food)
We believe that we can exploit many kinds of health products on the basis of the development academic exchanges and technical and economic cooperation with the people all over the world.